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FIS Summer Grand Prix: Historic victory for Vladimir Zografski

2023-10-08 · 13:23

This year's FIS Summer Grand Prix took place at a total of five venues. In the end, Vladimir Zografski secured the overall victory and made history: Never before has a Bulgarian jumper been at the top of the overall ranking at this level.

Courchevel (France), Szczyrk (Poland), Rasnov (Romania), Hinzenbach (Austria) and Klingenthal (Germany): These were the locations where two competitions each took place in the period from July 29th to October 7th 2023.

The historic overall victory was secured by Vladimir Zografski from Bulgaria, ahead of Gregor Deschwanden from Switzerland and Ren Nikaido from Japan.

The overall ranking: 

1st Vladimir Zografski (Bulgaria) 604 points

2nd Gregor Deschwanden (Switzerland) 582 points

3rd Ren Nikaido (Japan) 315 points


The individual rankings of the respective venues:


The first stop of this year's Summer Grand Prix took place on the large hill of Courchevel. Individual jumping was on the program on both 29 and 30 July. The respective winners at the start of the day were Gregor Deschwanden and Vladimir Zografski.

To the official final results from July 29th

1st Gregor Deschwanden (Switzerland) 283.3 points

2nd Vladimir Zografski (Bulgaria) 230.2 points

3rd Marco Wörgötter (Austria) 228.9 points


To the official final result of July 30th

1st Vladimir Zografski (Bulgaria) 262.6 points

2nd Gregor Deschwanden (Switzerland) 246.2 points

3rd Marco Wörgötter (Austria) 246.0 points



For the first time in 12 years, Szczyrk in Poland returned to the FIS Grand Prix calendar. On the normal hill Vladimir Zografski won once again, who also set a new Grand Prix hill record with 106.5 metres. The winner of the second day was Piotr Zyla, who thus won in his home country.

To the official final results from August 5th

1st Vladimir Zografski (Bulgaria) 257.3 points

2nd Aleksander Znisczol (Poland) 253.5 points

3rd Piotr Zyla (Poland) 252.9 points


To the official final results from August 6th

1st Piotr Zyla (Poland) 143.7 points

2nd Vladimir Zografski (Bulgaria) 137.4 points

3rd Luca Roth (Germany) 137.0 points



Third venue and third victory for the Bulgarian Vladimir Zografski, who won the jumping event on September 24th . The day before, Switzerland's Gregor Deschwanden celebrated his second victory, winning ahead of Japan's Ren Nikaido and Turkey's Fatih Arda Ipcioglu. The latter thus ensured the first Turkish podium place for a ski jumper.

To the official final results from September 23th

1st Gregor Deschwanden (Switzerland) 243.7 points

2nd Ren Nikaido (Japan) 240.5 points

3rd Fatih Arda Ipcioglu (Turkey) 237.9 points


To the official final results from September 24th

1st Vladimir Zografski (Bulgaria) 252.0 points

2nd Gregor Deschwanden (Switzerland) 251.1 points

3rd Remo Imhof (Switzerland) 235.3 points



While the other venues also hosted the women's Summer Grand Prix, only the two men's competitions took place in Hinzenbach. The victories on September 30th and October 1st  went to Germany's Andreas Wellinger and Switzerland's Gregor Deschwanden.

To the official final results from September 30th  

1st Andreas Wellinger (Germany) 262.9 points

2nd Stephan Leyhe (Germany) 257.9 points 

3rd Daniel Tschofenig (Austria) 257.2 points


To the official final results from October 1st

1st Gregor Deschwanden (Switzerland) 246.6 points

2nd Vladimir Zografski (Bulgaria) 244.7 points

3rd Daniel Tschofenig (Austria) 244.0 points



The conclusion of the Summer Grand Prix traditionally took place in Klingenthal.

The podium in the individual event consisted of the first-placed Austrian Manuel Fettner, the second-placed Pole Daniel Kubacki and Fettner's compatriot Daniel Tschofenig.

For Gregor Deschwanden and Vladimir Zografski it was also a duel for the overall victory. In the end, an eleventh place was enough for Zografski to defend his lead ahead of the Swiss, who finished seventh.

In the only mixed jumping of the summer one day later, the German quartet of Selina Freitag, Martin Haman, Katharina Schmid and Andreas Wellinger stood on top and won ahead of the jumpers from Japan and Austria.

To the official final result from October 7th

1st Manuel Fettner (Austria) 282.4 points

2nd Daniel Kubacki (Poland) 278.7 points

3rd Tschofenig Daniel (Austria) 269.4 points


To the official final result of October 8th

1st Selina Freitag, Martin Haman, Katharina Schmid, Andreas Wellinger (Germany) 976.2 points

2nd Sara Takanashi, Ren Nikaido, Yuki Ito and Ryoyu Kobayashi (Japan) 932 points

3. Sara Marita Kramer, Daniel Tschofenig, Jacqueline Seifriedsberger and Manuel Fettner (Austria) 923.1 points


The jumpers now head to Finland on November 24th, where this year's World Cup starts in Ruka.

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