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Tickets for the Four Hills Tournament

2021-10-01 · 08:20

Let's go fans of the Four Hills Tournament: October 1 saw the start of advance ticket sales for the world's most important winter sports series event, which is taking place for the 70th time this winter and expects a total of at least 50,000 spectators at its anniversary edition. Tickets for all four competition venues are currently available at

At the German competition venues in Oberstdorf and Garmisch-Partenkirchen, so-called combination tickets are initially available in a two-tier sales mode, which are equally valid for qualification and competition. From October 25, individual tickets will also be available, provided they are still available. 

"We are expecting a big rush again and I can only advise all ski jumping fans to take care of tickets in time - no matter for which venue," says tour president Dr. Peter Kruijer from Oberstdorf. 

Dr. Kruijer and his colleagues expect spectator restrictions at all venues, based on current official requirements. As things stand at the end of September, around 15,000 spectators are permitted in Oberstdorf and 13,500 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The Austrian venues of Innsbruck and Bischofshofen are also expecting visitors again at their popular tour events.

"We from the side of the organizers are doing everything to enable as many ski jumping fans as possible to enjoy the live experience on site. We already proved last year how well we are positioned with a great pandemic concept. This was praised by all health authorities as exemplary. We can build on this to finally allow fans into our stadiums again," says Michael Maurer, president of the organizing committee at the New Year's ski jumping event in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Alfons Schranz and Manfred Schützenhofer, the organization heads in Innsbruck and Bischofshofen, see it similarly. "The tour lives from the enthusiasm of the fans on site. One year without spectators was enough, we are looking forward to competitions with spectators," says Schützenhofer. 

The organizers explicitly point out to only purchase tickets via the official website Because in the past, dubious vendors have repeatedly sold tickets at significantly overpriced prices. 

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