Kobayashi brothers and Johansson triumph at championships in Japan and Norway

2019-10-28 · 11:01

One week after the tour hosts Austria and Germany distributed the national championship titles, the championships in Norway and Japan also took place last weekend. Both Kobayashi brothers won in Japan, while Robert Johansson triumphed in Norway.

With jumps to 103m and 100m from the normal hill and 281. 1 points the „Flying Mustache"; Robert Johansson secured the title ahead of last year's winner Thomas Aasen Markeng (104m and 101,5m and 277. 3 points). The third place went to Daniel Andre Tande with 97m in the first run and 101m in the final (268. 6 points), who after a two-month injury break only two weeks ago returned to ski jumping training. The Nordic combined Jarl Magnus surprised in fourth place (262. 8 points). Fifth place went to Marius Lindvik and Robin Pedersen with 262. 1 points each.

In the women's singles, Olympic champion and favourite Maren Lundby was able to win the title in Norway ahead of Silje Opseth and Anna Odine Stroem.

In Sapparo, Japan, the championships of the Normal Hill as well as the Large Hill took place on the weekend. On the normal hill the older Kobayashi brother, Junshiro, could assert himself with jumps on 93m and 95m and 245. 5 points ahead of Keiichi Sato (92,5m and 93m and 239. 0 points) as well as his younger brother Ryoyu Kobayashi (91. 5m and 92. And 235. 0 points) and cheer for the championship title. They were followed by Taku Takeuchi 233. 5, Masamitsu Ito (230. 5 points) and Yukiya Sato (229. 5 points).

On Sunday the winner of last years Worldcup could prevail in the competition from the Großschanze. In both rounds the 22-year-old managed the best jump with 133m and 135. 5m (273. 5 points). Yuken Iwasa followed surprisingly with jumps on 132m and 132. 5 (265. 3 points). Also on the podium was Taku Takeuchi with 127,5m and 135m and 260. 7 points. They were followed by Naoki Nakamura (257. 1 points), Junshiro Kobayashi (244. 8 points) and Daiki Ito (242. 4 points).

Sara Takenashi dominated in the women's singles and was happy with a clear difference in points ahead of Yuki Ito and Nozomi Maruyama.

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