National Championships in Poland, Slovenia and Switzerland

2019-10-14 · 14:01

In three countries, the national championships took place last weekend. While Kilian Peier defended his title in Switzerland, Timi Zaijc from Slovenia proved his strong form. In Poland Piotr Zyla prevailed against Grand Slam winner Kamil Stoch.

In Chaux-Neuve, France, the Swiss Championships took place on Saturday. Killian Peier, world-cup-thrid 2019 defends his national title. The 24-year-old dominated the competition with 111m, 112.5m and 247.2 points ahead of Simon Amman (107m, 109.5m and 227.6 points) and Gregor Deschwanden (107m, 115m and 224.2 points).

On the hill in Kranj Timi Zaijc jumped 108m and 99m and was able to secure the victory with 243.1 points just ahead of teammate Anze Lanisek (108 m and 99 m, 241.5 points). Thus, the two young Solwenen could confirm their strong shape from the summer. Third was Tilen Bartol with 235.2 points and 105m and 98m. At sloski.si, 19-year-old Zajic said how happy he was about the win and hoped that the form would last until winter.

In Poland, Piotr Zyla was able to prevail with 266.4 points against Kamil Stoch (263.9 points) and Stefan Hula (262.7 points) on the normal hill. In the second round, Zyla secured the victory despite a fall, when he was not able to stand the landing.

The overall winner of the 2019 FIS Grand Prix, Dawid Kubacki reached the fourth place.

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