Opening jumping 

The big Schattenberg ski jump at the World Cup Ski Jump Arena in Oberstdorf is one of the most important Ski Jumping Hills in the world. Each year it attracts up to 38.000 visitors for the opening jumping competition of the Four Hills Tournament. The Schattenberg ski jump was last rebuild and extended to Hill Size 137 beforehand the FIS Nordic Ski World Cup 2005. Thereby it will be available for the next World Cup in 2021.

Ski Jump Data

140 m
Total height
45 m
Tower height
105,5 m
Run-up height
92 km/h
Take-off velocity
3,38 m
Height of jump-off platform
120 m
Calculation point
274,5 m
Total lengtH
Arena capacity
143,5 m
Hill record
Sigurd Pettersen  (NOR)
Record set by
Record set on the...


Ticket pre-sales for the opening jumping at the Four Hills Tournament in Oberstdorf will begin on the 1st of September. At that time there will only be 2-day-passes available, single tickets will be available from the 24th of October.



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Tourist Town Oberstdorf

Four Hills Tournament - Action

Oberstdorf is a well-known tourist resort in the Bavarian alps. The ski resort with its guaranteed snow is known as the german mecca for winter athletes and due to its 200 km of hiking trails even in summer not only the most southern health resort but also the most popular.

With about 17.500 beds in various categories Oberstdorf offers an optimum holiday resort option year-round. Exclusive four and five star hotels, cosy and family friendly holiday apartments, privately owned guesthouses, hostels, nature lover houses or camp sites offer something for every taste and budget. About 400.000 guests with approx. 2,45 million overnights every year prove the communities appeal.

Tourist Town Oberstdorf

Venue for international winter sport championships

Oberstdorf owes its outstanding position in winter tourism partly to the numerous international competitions in winter sports and its active, world-famous skiers, figure skaters and curling athletes. The world of winter sports is at home in Oberstdorf. The Schattenberg ski jump captivates its audience since winter 1952/1953 with the traditional opening jumping competition shortly before the turn of the year. Numerous other World Cup events in Nordic combined, women's ski jumping or cross-country skiing attract thousands of visitors year after year. 

The upcoming “FIS World Cup Ski Flying 2018“ and the FIS Nordic Ski World Cup in 2021 offer an excellent and unique perspective, promising big winter sport festivals and a few 100.000 fans coming to Oberstdorf.

Tour of the athletes accommodation & backstage tours

Look over the shoulder of the ski jumpers while they are prepaing and visit the athlets camps. Just a short walk will take you to the athlets camps, where a public gallery will be constructed for the duration of the Four Hills Tournament. Important: the organiser reserves the right to change the cisiting hours deny access completely without notice due to special reasons (i.e. weather conditions). Have a look behind the scene of the Four Hils Tournament and experience top-athletes in action. Visit areas usually only accessible athletes, media and functionaries and experience the Four Hills Tournament from a new and unique perspective.


Organising Committee

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Further Tickethotlines

Tourismus Oberstdorf: +49 (0) 83 22 / 700 290 +49 (0) 18 06 / 200 111
Allgäuer Zeitung: +49 (0) 831 / 20 65 555

To ensure a smooth arrival the Deutsche Bahn will use special trains and the regional bus service will ne increased. More informations on bus and train service can be found at

If you do not have the chance to use public transport for your travels you can of course reach Oberstdorf by car. Please follow the signage and our orderly personal. The use of parking faclities is fee-based and amounts to 5,00€ per car.

Important: the emtying of the parking facilities will not begin before approx. 30-40 minutes after the end of the event. 

You are still looking for suitable accommodation during your stay in Oberstdorf? 

We gladly assist you:

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Numerous food stands at the fanpark and the event site will offer small dishes as well as cold and hot drinks. Guests are prohibited from bringing food and drinks, especially alcoholic beverages, into the event site.

Guests are prohibited from bringing beverages, glass containers, cans, PET-bottles, polystyrene disks, bulky items, torches, weapons, knifes or similar dangerous items. (Inspections will be conducted.)

Animals are not allowed inside the arena.

Please advice the general terms and conditions.

There is a designated area for wheelchair users - please book in seperate ticket category "wheelchair users" in order to use ist

Please feel free to contact us, if you have futher questions: 

Phone: +49 (0) 8821 – 90 80 0


  • A handicap accessible restroom is available.
  • Please be advised that due to bad weather access to the arena might be problematic. Get in cntact with our capable and friendly staff who will gladly advise you.

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