The hidden talents of ski jumpers

2020-08-05 · 10:27

The preparations for the winter are on and the ski jumpers are already training again on the hills - but it still takes time until the official World Cup start at the end of November. We want to use the time to take a look at the hidden talents of the jumpers. What do the athletes actually do besides competitive sports? Which star is also responsible for the Olympic victory of another athlete? And who almost made the night clubs insecure? Here are three, more or less “secret" talents of the ski jumping stars.

Stefan Hula:

Stefan Hula has been part of the Polish team since 2003. His greatest sporting successes include the bronze medals in team jumping at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang and at the 2018 Ski Flying World Championships in Oberstdorf. But the 33-year-old Pole also contributes to the victories of other jumpers. Sounds weird? That's the way it is! Together with his wife Marcelina, Hula founded the company “HULIGANS";, which produces ski jumping suits. And this with success: the ski jumping suit, with which Kamil Stoch won two gold medals at the 2014 Olympic Games in Sotchi, came from the hands of the Hula family.


Marius Lindvik:

Marius Lindvik shows a completely different talent. The high-flyer of the last 4-Hills-Tournament proved his ski jumping talent with the victories in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Innsbruck. But it is not self-evident that it has come to this. A few years ago the young Norwegian had to decide whether he would like to feel at home on the hills of this world or in the night clubs of this world. Lindvik was on the road as a DJ for years. But, the Norwegian has then found that competitive sports is difficult to reconcile with long nights in party clubs. Norway's coach Alexander Stöckl is probably very grateful for this decision and can therefore look forward to many more successes of the hobby DJ - including musical entertainment.


Zigar Jelar:

The Slovenian Ziga Jelar also proves his musical talent. Last winter, the 21-year-old released his first single “Prijatelji"; (translated: Friends). In the accompanying video, colleague Anze Seminic also has a guest appearance, including a dance performance. In addition to singing, Jelar is also enthusiastic about the accordion and guitar. Despite the musical successes, the ski jumping fans do not have to do without the Slovenian in the World Cup. Here, too, the successes are not lacking: In March, the musical ski jumper was able to win a 2nd place at the Raw Air in Lillehammer. During the long winter season, however, the 21-year-old does not have to do without his music. His Instagram profile shows that he is sometimes accompanied by his colleague Anze Lanisek.

In general, skijumpers seem to have a musical talent. In addition to Lindvik and Jelar, the Frenchman Jonathan Learoyd also inspires his fans on Instagram regularly with singing sessions. It turns out: The skijumpers are real all-rounders - but we are looking forward to seeing the athletes back on the hills in winter.

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